on time

music and fireworks
before being bathe'd in flames
just so much hot air


n.b. How patiently the crowds wait, how quick to disperse.

CLP 20/03/2023

on time

Mike Henderson, Blues Guitarist
I got to shake hands
with a guitarist who played
in Bo Diddley's band


n.b. In 1986 I met Bo Diddley after he played with a pick up band at Dingwall’s, Camden Lock and still have his autograph. Small(ish) world.

Bo Diddley, carried his guitar travelling solo, playing with backing bands throughout his career. Possible due to the terrible financial terms he had naïvely signed up to with Chess Records in Chicago.

CLP 11/10/2022

on Ukraine

sat in their silos
weapons of horrific strength
attention focused


n.b. Whatever my thoughts on this, writing them would only trivialise the seriousness of the current situation humanity now faces.

on hope

everything ran true
nothing to worry about
learning every day


CLP 13/09/2022

on water

fens drained for farming
commons mopped up by gentry
raindrops or teardrops?


n.b. First the common land under James I, then the water boards under the Tories. If we need it, they control it. Through legislation for the landed gentry, by the landed gentry, generations of people remain in the thrall of robber barons. Time for change.

CLP 27/08/2022

on time

the congregation
depart bathed in victory
everyone happy

n.b. Not so great for the visiting opposition, admittedly.

CLP 17/07/2022

Morning Sickness

Light draining from summer sky
Life draining from a marriage

Nothing matters anymore
Choking on tears

Everyone can hear them
Windows opened to cool night

A domestic blister bursts in
Removes all dream of sleep

She's beyond distraught
His vocabulary in retreat

It's twenty-to-two
She's twenty-nine, in pain

Trying to end it all
Before dawn throws it all up again


CLP 22/05/2022

on light

lights, but nobody
home to hope, still despair wins
until the next time


n.b. What is going on in there? Who knows, but more importantly, who cares? The rhythm broken, habits forgotten, routines disrupted; stuff yer Premier League!

CLP 28/02/2022

on love

turn towards the light
step inside, come be with us
we are no different


CLP 21/03/2022

on time

expels people into street
return home to what?


CLP 10/02/2022