On the Street xii

Smiles become tight lips

Breaths held, sentences halted

Nothing to hear here


n.b. At first I thought this phenomena may be an unsociable characteristic of city life, but realised it is a new courtesy amongst the unmasked, a show of respect for passing fellow pedestrians with white hair; not breathing out, postponing the moment of exhalation until some random old boy has safely passed by.



On The Street xi

London Town from an Airbus, 2017


No longer gold-paved

Whittington has turned away

Back to the country


n.b. I refer you to the story of Dick Whittington and (appropriately for this FaceBook age) his cat. The cat ended up quite wealthy too.

CLP 10/10/2020

Fractionally Better Off

I am not nothing

I am one eighth that became a seventh

I am one sixth and one quarter of two thirds

I am one half that begat a quarter, then grew to an eighth

I am one seventeen-thousand-eight-hundred-and-fourth1

I am one sixty-six-million-eight-hundred-and-ninety-thousandth2

I am one five-hundred-and-eight-millionth3

I am one seven-point-eight-billionth4

I am one with you



1 Portsmouth FC average home attendance 2019/20 season

UK population 66.886 million (2020 estimate) 

EU total population was estimated in 2015 as 508 million

4 Estimated global population in March was 2020 7.8 billion


CLP  07/07/2020