on time

caught in a moment
shaking out dust from feathers
rarified beauty


CLP 22/03/2023

Night Words After The Diner

The whisky went straight to my legs

my eyes, my arms, my tongue

I was experiencing things differently

Felt Earth spinning off its axis

It became a place I did not know

Did I need more drinking practice?


n.b. Night photo was taken to capture the empty street scene, but it came out weird, with evidence of existence of the Yeti…alive and well in East Anglia. It is certainly cold enough in Norfolk for Yeti.

Pubs now open in England, outside drinking only. Short rhyme prompted by photo. No pubs were visited during the making of this moving picture.

n.n.b. Off-prompt NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Fifteen scribble.


CLP 15/04/2021

On Camera

Tell me that again.

You’re going to draw pictures

because it’s more fun?


n.b. Have I had a funny turn? All day with a camera: Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, iPhone. We need a break from each other.

CLP 23/02/2021