on time

we scraped snow off lines
kicked the ball through heavy flakes
played as if still kids


n.b. Such fun to be able to run and slide about chasing a football for an hour, even when the air temperature is less than zero.

CLP 15/12/2022

on ice

I fell through, aged five
chest deep, my sister in too
buried memories


n.b. Sadness as old as winter itself, children falling through ice while playing, excited by the magic ice promises.

I cannot imagine the inconsolable grief the parents must be experiencing.

CLP 14/12/2022

on time

grandson stands, twists tongue
attempts clicking of fingers
softness of digits


CLP 26/10/2022

on time

the congregation
depart bathed in victory
everyone happy

n.b. Not so great for the visiting opposition, admittedly.

CLP 17/07/2022

on life

grown-ups planted this
there must have been good reason
makes a neat goal frame

CLP 08/08/2022

on morning

colour brings out shape
shape becomes solidity
scene set for day's play


CLP 14/12/2022

on time

someone chose sixties
but each day's spin could have been
played out in nineties


CLP 12/12/2021

On Language

before play our words

excite hopeful new meaning

double entendres


CLP 09/07/2021

The Magic Picture Tree

What do you see in the shape of this old oak tree

Shaped by lightening, prevailing winds, minerals and time?

I saw an opera singer, big as a house

Someone else a buried cross

What can you shape from this old oak tree?


CLP 25/05/2021

L3 (Day 47): In the clouds

Above the city

in sleepy-headed Spring morn’

birdsong, air force jets


n.b. You would have thought the North Sea was room enough to play in. Why don’t you fly off out there and look for Russian naval ships?

And now the car park curator with the leaf blower. Merde! I can barely hear the jets I was moaning about. What is wrong with using a yard brush with its regular, human rhythm, the sound of birch twigs sweeping a granular surface, jointly calming and healthy exercise?

n.n.b. I miscounted the days. This is Day 47. Thanks for your understanding y’all x


CLP 22/02/2021