on time

evening out in town
better than television
even when we lose


n.b. It’s not possible to have a good time all the time, but one can have fun trying,

CLP 18/10/2022

On Playing iii

Disregard of fears

leads you to discovery

of hidden talents


p.s. Play safe, or try stuff out for fun? What have you got to lose by trying? It’s only a game after all. It will be your turn to start next. ‘Mugs away’ as the saying goes.


CLP 16/01/2021

On Pleasure

It’s just gone midday

After rapid 50k

Pint of noon Sun, please!


CLP 10/09/2020

On Pleasure v

Low autumnal Sun

sharpens colours, darkens shade

heavy dew becomes mist


CLP 04/09/2020

On Pleasure vi

Stopping everything

to observe a wasp at work

in September sun


CLP 04/09/2020

On Pleasure iii

Morning lights our shore

gulls call us to discover

gifts brought in on tide


n.b. photograph courtesy of ACG.

CLP 04/09/2020

On Pleasure ii

Unbridled laughter

carried by telephone lines

to prised open heart


CLP 04/09/2020

On Pleasure

In a second hand book,

bought on a whim,

I discovered someone

had kept a four-leaf clover

between pages

of Seamus Heaney’s poems.


CLP 04/09/2020

On Daynight

Like owls, we start night

Without wait for loss of light

Love bites into day


CLP 23/07/2020