On the Land


Passing o’er our heads

Sun draws our starry-eyed gaze

She weeps for the soil


n.b. If we look to the earth beneath our feet we will discover that all life depends on restoring the soil to good health.

Imagine: skin sealed by concrete, tarmac and bricks; diet of insecticides, herbicides, nitrates and other manufactured supplements; burrowed into for minerals and rare metals; used as a site to fill with uncompostable waste; deployed as a testing ground for atomic weapons; stripped of cooling foliage; drained of water; compacted by herds of cattle; exploited for short-term profit of cash crops; forced to breathe noxious fumes.

How would you feel?

CLP 29/01/2019

On the Water


Un-tied line runs free

Shove hard to clear the quayside

Let the wind take hold


CLP 28/01/2019


Words spoken run free

There is no calling them back

No pages to burn


CLP 27/01/2019


As Winter’s fingers

Scratch and claw at our throats

Here flowers sweet hope


n.b. Galanthus nivalis now found throughout the British Isles, is one of the earliest plants to flower each year. A headache cure of folklore that is now used in some dementia treatments, it is a plant that helps remind us that we are moving steadily, toward the Spring Equinox, although the worst of Winter has yet to come.


CLP 16/01/2019

On Ants

So many working

Without rest, so without thought

Still life worth living


CLP 15/01/2019

Good Morning

Sky cleared of all

But one moment of pure joy

Inspiring bird song


CLP 14/01/2019


Ice and snow are due

Chill fears return but also

Fresh frozen beauty


CLP 14/01/2019

Prunella modularis


Modest hedgerow shuffler

Sweet fluttering notes


n.b. The dunnock, also known as the hedge sparrow, is a rather dull creature until it opens its throat to sing. Better that way round I think. The RSPB website has a clip of the song. For me the song is the most beautiful morning wake up call, for which I am most grateful. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/dunnock/

CLP 11/01/2019

On Love

Hollow-hearted bent

Careless of Wind’s whispering

Alive to Sun’s touch


CLP 08/01/2019

On the Land

Ploughman’s work complete

The earth turned upside down

Sun, frost, rain revive


CLP 04/01/2019