On Ice

Delicate patterns

Lace the windows and cobwebs

Draw out smokey breath

CLP 22/11/2018

On Time

Fast as it may be

Light can only show the past

Our future is black


CLP 21/11/2018

On Sunset

Blood red orange drops

From colourless sky to sea

Stones remain unmoved


CLP 21/11/2018

Distant Relations


Lines stretch over sea and land

Lost messages break hearts



On Daffodils

November is not

When spring flowers should sprout

Earth adapts, we don’t


CLP 19/11/2018

Moon Shadow

East wind carries ice

Knifing through silvered streets

Silhouettes on paths


CLP 18/11/2018

The Metropolitan Police is working with all citizens to end incidents of knife crime:


On Morning III

Light sneaks into bed

Brings birdsong and sounds of waves

Hope rises refreshed


CLP 15/11/2018

On Morning II

Heavy cloud blanket

Dark reluctantly rises

Sleep grips the chosen


CLP 15/11/2018

Romantic Fiction

No one could make this up

You sigh

But you just keep on

Making it up

On the hoof

Telling your lies

Ignoring the truth

Can you not see

The holes in the roof

Of your promised homeland



CLP 14/11/2018

On The Breeze


Gentle draught carries

Scent and echoes from afar

Sea air and childhood


CLP 14/11/2018