Nightmare I

She gallops through sleep

Creates turbulence of thought

Calm in her stable.


CLP 06/11/2018

First Light (i)

In the end of night

Sun leathered magnolia leaves

Resound to beats of rain

Set grass blades to shivery dance

Cracked soil swells, fills, closes quenched

Droplets pool in hollows

Shimmering sheets cover all

Border foliage floats

On the rising flood.



Souls from the very depths

Swollen, pale pink, choked

Join the engorged slugs




Blackbirds wake

Throw yellow beaks open

To herald the dawn


CLP  01/11/2018


Tuesday evening

Eighteen thousand two hundred

TVs not needed.


CLP 24/10/2018

On Autumn IV

Beneath icy blue

Kaleidoscope turns to red

Forewarns of Winter.


CLP 16/10/2018

Air Sick

We queued to launch our metal wings

Into turbulance

Where we were sh-sh-shoo-ke-ke-shoook

Cups and lips missing

Hot drinks undrunk shivering

Stomaches leapt, stretched, compressed

The purrrrlinggg! rings

Co-pilot politely runs through somethings

That at this time sound vital

As our flimsy belts constrain our forms

Within the mainframe of this compact

Missile loaded with the human virus

Complex beasts with complex needs

Agendas, wishes, dreams, plans, schemes

To land on friends and family whether willing or otherwise

They will be delivered

From this misery

Should this plane not glide safe and sound

But crash to ground in smithereens.

CLP 12/10/2018

On Sleep

It would be great to sleep until late and if I could I would but can’t.

(Too tired to break those 17 syllables into 5-7-5. Dear reader do it yourself).

CLP 13/10/2018



Unseen until swinging past

Tail enflamed in approach to Sun

Heated by that enticing prospect

Illuminating the dark of night

Shining through the brightest blue

Reminder that this sky

Is simply cloak


CLP  11/10/2018



On the New Moon

Trio of diamonds

Glorify this darkest night

Orion returns

CLP 11/10/2018

On Lincoln

Bells hung high resound

Steps echo on Steep Hill stone

Hearts near fit to burst.

CLP 18/09/18