On Water xxiv

temperature drops

wind picks up, swirls through reed beds

air tasting of rain


CLP 02/05/2021

On Water xxiii

absence of presence

bottle; long-term substitute

happiness of toes


CLP 01/05/2021

On Water xxii

our thirst impressions

catch the eye and stick in throat

memories decay


CLP 30/04/2021

On Water xxi

soil crumbled to dust

decorous clouds braid sunset

prayers for rain dissolve


CLP 29/04/2021

On Water xix

shallow bay soon fills

tide’s return washes creeks clear

floods all memory

CLP 28/04/2021

On Water xviii

waves paw the sea wall

tentacles gently shine the stone

working at weak spots


n.b. However old these stones, however long in situ, the sea will eventually wear them down, one wave or another.


CLP 26/04/2021

4’33” (after John Cage)

To be read in your head only. Understood? Now 1/2/3/4 begin.






…I thank you. Encore? No, it is too much! I am exhausted from the effort of this composition. It is too much. I must rest. Thank you.

I will release this on SoundCloud as soon as copyright issues are clarified. Thank you.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty-six prompt: parody. I have chosen John Cage’s classical piece 4’33”. Please remember to press the “Unmute” button in YouTube when you follow the link.


CLP 26/04/2021

On Water xvii

lunatic repetition

tide in, tide out, back and forth

set your clock by it

n.b. Imagine if we had time pieces attuned to the tides, not set from Greenwich Meridian; would we be more sensitive to our planet’s music?

CLP 25/04/2021

On Water xvi

that helicopter

on a beeline up the coast

air-sea rescue, obvs

n.b. The elements of water and air combine to tragic effect at weekends when the concoction of homo-sapiens, alcohol and sunshine dull the mind, drown common-sense.

CLP 25/04/2021

no waiting zone

you learn fast of special places

and special days, as a child

some you already know

for some you wait; some lie await

beyond teenage-wise horizons

in your embroidered dreams


and some are yours

that no one else must see

until that supposed special day

when you are adult-free


one day you’ll leave home in your heart

you’ll know exactly what this means

a celebration, a cutting off, an escape

your day to marque the Earth

different days you’ll share


you learn slowly of special days,

when adult and work and life

consume so much

days explode with joy or sorrow

until that lightning strike when you celebrate today

no more waiting for tomorrow


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty-five prompt: Occasional poem.



CLP 25/04/2021