On Numbers (pp269)

Enough to take me

back to childhood news stories

of divided Ireland.


n.b. Iain Cobain’s book, Anatomy of a Killing (Life and Death on a Divided Island) is an important book that helps explain why the Good Friday Agreement is important. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter explained to a large extent, but also a balanced attempt to outline the complexity of that place. An important book of history, that is sadly relevant to the C21st too.


CLP 18/11/2020

On Numbers (33)

Rank, name, regiment

Embossed in memoriam

“The Great War” claimed them


n.b. It is interesting how “The Great War” is generally thought of having ended in 1918. On this memorial the dates are clearly marked 1914 ~ 1919. The discrepancy may be due to deaths occurring in Russia, where Allied forces were sent to fight Lenin’s Bolsheviks in support of the White Russians.


CLP 16/11/2020

On Numbers £15m

There is a rush on

To buy country estates here.

Cities are passé


n.b. I won’t bore you with the details, but it seems that the unnecessarily wealthy are keen to have a bit more garden and staff / servants to help keep everything orderly. It seems living on a super-yacht, or in a city centre penthouse suite feels like confinement during a pandemic lockdown. Poor loves.

CLP 14/11/2020