On Water xx

sorting through shingle

picking out perfect pebbles

stones skimming off waves


CLP 28/04/2021

No haga flexiones depués de gachas

They found him face down in his kitchen

Previously the fittest sixty year old they’d ever known

Lifeless as a rock

He’d been warned

But sadly, as a professor of literature

At the finest university in Cantabria

He’d conceived of so many different interpretations

That he’d brushed over the literal


As they say in Gibaja

“Muchos poetas mueren de estupidez”



n.b. 1. Title translates as: Never do press ups after porridge.

2. From Gibaja: Many male poets die from stupidity.

www.napowrimo.net Day 22 prompt: Use a saying from another language and culture as the basis for a poem.

Christopher Perry

22nd April 2020