In Australia (Update – Sept 2020)

n.b. Three of the most senior RTZ managers have been resigned following protests about the destruction of the 46,000 year old sacred site at Juukan Gorge, in Pilbara, Australia). The executives retain their rights to any outstanding remuneration due under the terms of their employment contracts.


White out continues

RTZ apology

Not due anytime


n.b. 16,000 year old Aboriginal site has been destroyed, with government permission(!), despite pleas of the local indigenous population.

Notice of the blasting of the sacred site as part of the expansion of the Brockman 4 iron ore mine in Western Australia was given to the Puutu Kunti Kumarra and Pinikura people a whole 9 days before the work of desecration began on 15th May, 2020.

Mr Chris Salisbury and his colleagues at RTZ rub salt in the wounds of traditional “owners” of the sites by apologising “for the distress caused.” (for British readers and followers of Alexander Johnson’s incompetent government, note the use of the meaningless term “world class” in the company statement in the RTZ link above).

What is this, apologising for people’s reactions to harm and damage done by the apologiser? A person cannot apologise for another’s feelings, (see Priti Patel, UK Home Secretary’s recent performance, apologising for “people feeling” government has failed to provide NHS workers with adequate personal protection equipment.

A paper exercise, called “an enquiry” by Rio Tinto Zinc will follow this “misunderstanding” in the Hamersley Ranges of Western Australia.



In June

Late lit, summer sky

Pinprick stars illuminate

Dreams that change is here


CLP 9th June 2020

In the (U)K (ii)

Doing a Cummings?

Not if you’re a black person.

A fine or arrest?


n.b. A quiet word or a strong arm?


CLP 04/06/2020

In the (U)SA (?)

There will reach a point

When people have to sit down

And smoke the pipe of peace


CLP 03/06/2020

In the (U)SA (xi)

Windows smashed open

Light flows in anger pours out

We all need to breathe


CLP 03/06/2020

In the (U)SA (x)

Check out the bunker.

Has it got last cigarette?

Whisky? Revolver?


CLP 03/06/2020

In the (U)SA (ix)

Right to carry arms?

Pandora’s box gapes open

Do you feel lucky?


CLP 03/06/2020

In the (U)SA (viii)

From France, as a gift

Statue of Liberty

Now Paris flares up


CLP 03/06/2020

In the (U)SA (vii)

Let us not pretend

That this begins and ends there

Black Lives Matter here


CLP 02/06/2020

In the (U)SA (vi)

New China Daily”

Delights in Presidential tweets

Pot calling kettle…


n.b. reports that the People’s Republic of China’s national / official news media highlights the irony of China’s government being criticised for how the PRC is responding to pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, by a US President who is calling for “domination” of the people demonstrating against police brutality following George Floyd’s callous murder.

CLP  02/06/2020