on rain

Now you're here, I'll sleep
Safe at home, warm in my bed
I've really missed you


CLP. 18/06/2022

on time

we knew rain would come
it was a question of when
would it start, when stop

n.b. All our April showers have come at once. It tends to stop raining just after you’ve walked home, obviously!


CLP 04/05/2022

on air

mist forms as rain falls
humid warmth of cloud cover
something and nothing


CLP 28/02/2022

on Ukraine x

woken by drumming
rooftiles taking a beating
thankful it's just rain


n.b. Complaining about weather? If that is all to worry about, lucky us.

CLP 24/02/2022

on rain

it's chucking it down
cats, dogs and other mammals!
Get your coat. Out. Now.


n.b. Perfect weather for feeling alive!!! Hear that? The blackbirds are loving it!


CLP 06/02/2022

on rain

with tails turned windward
gulls hunch shoulders, form huddle
gusts tug at mastheads


CLP 20/01/2022

on white lights

intermittent wipers
broken lines
marking where to cut
through naked trees
clawing at the sheet
of clouds
bright red triangles
black on white
warning darts
sharp bends
white on black
approaching one-eyed car
wobbles past close enough
to make me wince
and I hear you
"Slow down.
Watch out for the deer."
And this is what happens;
you become part of my world
as I drive toward yours


CLP 10/01/2022

on Switzerland iii

heat of late September
accumulating moisture
brewing thunder storms


CLP 25/09/2021

August iii

needle lifts off vinyl

arm clicks to rest

low buzz of speakers

gently suppressed by rain

darkening the street

tickling the silver birch leaves

forming a wassssshhhhh

behind a passing car


CLP 09/08/2021

On Summer Rain

oh! welcome down draught

wash away harvest dust

cool our sheets for sleep

CLP 05/08/2021