on love

heard it all before?
torn up the script, binned the book?
good sense of humour?
you'll need it
when you find yourself back
scanning the shelves
being caught by a catchy title
reaching out instinctively
gently pulling at the spine
handling it with respect
liking the cover
savouring the smell of the fresh-printed page
engaged by the writing

choosing to invest some time
you take it home
dip in
discover this is something
that holds your attention
you become unable to put it down
find yourself
burning both ends of the candle
to find out
what happens next


CLP 05/12/2021

on time

polite conventions
our coping mechanisms
merely scaffolding


n.b. What has form, seems solid, does the job for now, is nothing without foundations. Nuts and bolts rust, we need cement to build tomorrows.

CLP 28/11/2021


then distracted
or discerning
the trace of others
moving on
or back
to one you know
still open
with a taste
you know
and trust
for now


CLP 21/09/2021


whatever happened
that separated we two
no longer matters


n.b. The Moon and Earth forever tied, always apart.

CLP 21/10/2021

on water

I've walked out this far
each wave lifts me off my feet
dive in or retreat?


CLP 17/10/201

On 2020

Memorable year

One I would rather forget

Finally ends here


CLP 31/12/2020

On Games

Walk straight in, sit down

Open a fresh pack, cut, deal

All cards on table


CLP 23/12/2020

On Losing (21)

Your line next, or mine?

Then what’s supposed to happen?

Let’s not make a scene.


CLP 23/12/2020

On Numbers (X)

“I don’t want to hear”

She said, “about all your exes.”

“They are your problem.”


n.b. Good point. Well made.

CLP 17/11/2020

On Numbers 2

Is this what you get

When splitting one evenly

Or what becomes one?


Factors or products? You choose.

CLP 20/10/2020