on time

Saint Peter's crossed keys
offer hope of unlocked gates
is anyone home?


n.b. The keys on the shield of this iron gateway arch are a familiar symbol for those raised in the Roman church. Interesting bit of iconography, when you think about it. Keys mean various things, security, imprisonment, exclusion, safety.

In this context, they are a clear statement of insiders and outsiders, gatekeepers and offices of power.

Me? I quite enjoy being outside, in the fresh air.

CLP 15/02/2023

on Ukraine

don't involve your god
thirty six hours ceasefire then
godlessness resumes


n.b. Excuse me for being cynical, eye of a needle and all that. Bit late probably, Vlad.

CLP 05/01/2023

on light

If I can't see it
does this mean that I am blind
or you've dreamt it up?


n.b. We cannot win arguments about beliefs, it is a well-known fact.

CLP 03/05/2022

On Pain

What hurts us the most:

wounds inflicted by others;

seeing one’s own faults?


CLP 22/04/2021

January Road Trip (XVII)

Jesus Christ save us

Salvador Dali got God

Produced work of art


n.b. After discussion with the Pope in the early 1950s, Dali painted this amazing picture. He read about nuclear physics, which he believed to be proof of the Christian God’s existence and set to work.

This masterpiece (“Christ of St John of The Cross”) hangs in Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow. An amazing piece of work inspired by the Roman Catholic faith. Why and how it is hung there I do not know.

Glasgow is a city riven through with religious diversity, not just variations of Christian creeds, but Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and others. Glasgow, once a major sea port, is home to a rich mix of people, their talents and cultures.

Essentially as a Christian city I believe Glasgow will eventually come to epitomise the principle of “Love thy neighbour” rather than be charactured by the fake-hate of Rangers vs Celtic (Protestant vs Catholic) football matches.

Love will find a way.


CLP 24/01/2020

On Chartres Cathedral

Twin spires prick dull sky

Reminding Heaven of Earth

And Man’s vanity