on time

we met over music
talked about race, religion
his six years prison
one fifth of his life
incarcerated for what?
he has a temper


n.b. We talked at first about football, then of other tribal connections; churches, family, gangs. His is doing a lot of work the Black Panthers would applaud, my tribe just watches football. There are times some of we Britons don’t know we’re born.

I am not condoning lack of self-control. It is not easy, but is it ever a justifiable reason for poor behaviour? I don’t know. Until you are taught, how do you know?

This piece of graffiti on Poplar Avenue is from a member of the (Almighty) Vice Lords. A six point star would denote a message from the (Black) Disciple Gangsters. One group Muslim, the latter not.

CLP 01/10/2022

on life

while we're looking east
remember, there's a war on
American streets


CLP 15/09/2022

on Ukraine

soldiers smash classrooms
children attend school online
flowers for teachers


n.b. School No 2 in Borodianka was trashed by occupying Russian forces. The school still held the traditional new school year ritual, before the children headed home to virtual classes.

There is something very beautiful about the fact teachers were given flowers by the children to welcome them back after the summer.

CLP. 02/09/2022

on light

talk to me about
how you really feel. open
my eyes to your heart


n.b. Sometimes the evidence is ignored in hope of something different from the obvious. Seeing the light, speaking the truth, is all part and parcel of friendships, relationships and honest conversation.


CLP 02/02/2022

L-plates i

signal mirrored manoeuvre
clutch, select first, slow de-clutch
now release hand-brake


CLP 23/08/2021

On Change


Police seem reluctant to start



n.b. Surely a positive response would have been to engage with those wishing to hold a vigil and mourn for Sarah Everard on Clapham Common?

Instead, the use of regulation, confrontation and force was deployed to try and control and silence these women. Who decided that this was the appropriate response?

Over to you, Home Secretary, (or is this one question that the Prime Minister might actually answer?).


CLP 13/03/2021

L3 (Day 28): At the Window

Another day of tears. A venerated old man died along with one thousand, four hundred and forty-eight other UK victims of the pandemic. Tomorrow Will Be Good Day is the title of his book.

With that hope in my heart I withdraw from this one.


CLP 02/02/2021

On Numbers (x.7)

You are always here

How could it never be so?

Exeunt omnes


CLP 28/11/2020

On the Road xxv

On a two way street

travellers often cross paths

exchange kind greetings


n.b. Everyone has choices. Ironically, this bridge in Hoxne, Suffolk is where Danes on an excursion to Britain in CE 870, crossed paths with the Anglian king, Edmund. It didn’t turn out well for the Saxon. Besides being beatified soon after his death, little is known of him.


CLP 25/08/2020

On the Road XXI

A fork on the way

Seemingly simple choices

Have consequences


n.b. Old style traffic sign in Somerton, Somerset, that marks a parting of the ways. Which, let’s be honest, happens.


CLP 13/08/2020