on Moscow

allegations thrown
child killer fears for his life
threatens more killings


n.b. Moscow is run by a mass murderer, who throws a squinny when he claims, without independent verification, that drones were sent to Russia assassinate him. No comment about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost as a result of his orders. No words can describe the contempt this man generates.

CLP 03/05/2023

on Russia

farewell Gorbachov
you helped restructure Europe
curtains now re-drawn


n.b. Revolution is followed by counter-revolution. Are we back to Red Square One?

CLP 30/07/2022

on Ukraine

Pavel Filaytyev
soldier of Russia, can't see
justice in this war


n.b. Listen for the voices. As with Vietnam, protests from the occupying nation will help end this dread-filled war.

CLP 18/08/2022

on Ukraine

swap of prisoners?
woman basketball player
your merchant of death

n.b. The USA finally picks up the phone to Russia. One can only ask, why has it taken the imprisonment of one US citizen to finally provoke direct contact between foreign ministers of these two nations?

Do lives of individual Ukrainians have less worth? Surely, they are worth having a conversation about, given this is day 155?

CLP 28/07/2022

on Europe

new lines being drawn
much like the red lines of old
could this be curtains?


CLP 01/07/2022

on Ukraine xxv

escaping the Nazis
people of Russia scorched earth
now their soldiers harry Ukraine
as William The Bastard did in the North
so Putin does to the south
history teaches us nothing
it is but a mirror


n.b. What is the point of this destruction and slaughter? Where is the glory? What kind of peace does this lead to?

CLP 31/05/2022

Collateral Damage

 what would

as we
we'd know
it's all

would we make up
where we 
could offer
necessary apologies
long overdue 
balance our
play music 
say one 
final I


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-eight prompt; Concrete poem. I have to admit to having had such thoughts lately. Day twenty-eight of NaPoWriMo 2022, but day Sixty Three in Ukraine.

CLP 28/04/2022

on Ukraine xx

where is the exit?
each day fresh atrocity
everyday the same


CLP 20/03/2022

on time / on Ukraine xix

the truth hurts, it burns
eats at our souls if we lie
something more than words


n.b. The truth will out. For Marina Ovsyannikova this was the time to stand up and speak her truth.

CLP 15/03/2022

on Ukraine xviii

Norwich station Saturday night
a Russian skinhead looking for a fight
wearing blue, white, red of his nation's flag,
carrying two beer bottles in clenched hands
polished boots and military trousers tucked in the tops
proud to be Russian, looking for a fight
this is Norwich station, Saturday night


n.b. The human race never fails to disappoint.

CLP 12/03/2022