On Knowing

All the sky’s power

conducted to Earth down this

narrow metal strip


n.b. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. I was struck by the fact that I had not been this close to a lightning conductor before, yet eventually recognised it for what it was, not unlike Love.


CLP 15/03/2021

On Numbers (ChAdOx1 nCov-19)

Vaccination known

by this code offers us hope

don’t forget the cost


n.b. Not a number as much as a label for the latest vaccine that is thought to be able to generate antibodies and T cells that will adapt to protect most of us from Covid-19.

The numbers are important: the 1 denoting the first iteration of the this vaccine, the 2019 indicating that it is a vaccine pertinent to the 2019 variant of a Covid coronavirus. We are advised to beware that these numbers will change as new vaccines will have to be developed as coronaviruses adapt and evolve over coming years.

What is most interesting is that the way the immunologists have identified the structure of this coronavirus and worked to use this knowledge in combination with understanding of the human immune system to find what might be an effective response to this coronavirus, which mirrors findings in Germany and the USA.

I have to add that the volunteers who take part in these trials are just as important to the success of this work as the scientists. It strikes me as a brave thing to do in this time of need. Thank you all.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54993652

CLP 19/11/2020

January Road Trip (XII)


Glasgow University



n.b. The 4th longest established university in the English speaking world (founded 1451 CE) and one without the college system. Glasgow University has an impressive pedigree and has made as many contributions as any university in the world to our knowledge and understanding of what goes on and what is possible.

The process of inquiry, investigation, observation, measurement and discussion has been greatly enhanced by the work of generations of academics and students at Glasgow University. The university of this city is also renown for contributions to engineering, from which we have all benefitted, not least in utilising the power of electricity.

CLP 24/01/2020