January Road Trip (XX)

08:00h Sunday Morning

Football day at last!

Weather is what is on now

Heavy rain, cold wind


n.b. January? Road trip?? Scotland??? Ye crazy bastards!

The game kicks off at 12:30h. It’s on TV. We’re going to the match. Life is out there.


CLP 26/01/2020

January Road Trip (XVIII)

By lochs and mountains

Below heavy cloud cover

Scots live on their wits



January Road Trip (XV)

A people finds voice

Through poetry, music, art

Identity forms


n.b. Burns Night is celebrated worldwide by Scots annually on 25th January.

Appreciating each other’s origins, heritage and culture is healthy.

Saturday 25th January 2020 also happens to be the Chinese New Year this time around.

Neither better, just different. Both fine reasons to have a good night out.

CLP 25/01/2020