on time

you know when it's real
heart beats a little faster
stars shine in colour


CLP 03/03/2023

on Iran

police shoot into protest crowds
Woman! Life! Freedom!


n.b. Forty days of mourning for Mahsa Amini has become a rolling wave of grief as other innocent school children (girls and boys alike) have been murdered by the authorities, with others who have committed the capital crime of calling out the repression of a brutal theocracy.

CLP 27/10/2022

on time

where are autumn's wasps
nettles in flower with bees
seasonal affected


n.b. You tell me what’s going on.

CLP 20/10/2022

on truth

we live side by side
vital questions bubble up
without clear answers


n.b. It’s okay to admit to not knowing.

CLP 07/09/2022

on Ukraine

life of power plant
must be sustained at all costs
nuclear option


n.b. Talk about the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea…

CLP 06/09/2022

on time

we live on so long
as memories others hold
stories shared with love


CLP 03/09/2022

on friendship

at nights's darkest point
I woke knowing you were here
it wasn't a dream


n.b. How strange and lovely it is to feel another’s presence despite their absence. I woke, reached out and realised this presence was in my heart. I smiled, returned happily to sleep.

CLP 28/04/2022

on Ukraine xxiii

reading a poem
are you a star dancer or
dreaming of dancing?


n.b. Thank you for reading my poem, ‘Star Dancer and Her School of Dance – Francis Picabia 1913 . We don’t know each other, but I wish you well.

CLP 11/04/2022

on time

what is going on?
I have got all night, all day.
how long have you got?


CLP 06/04/2022

on romance

best left unspoken
company, comfort, laughter
more precious than gold


n.b. There is too much said, too often. We all risk becoming amateur psychologists. Is it not better to go with the flow? I am a slow learner, I fear, but keen to learn.

n.n.b. I just realised my picture contains two flotation rings…try not to read anything into that, nor to the fact it’s a picture taken on a ferry across a wide river, nor that I had to pay the lone ferryman for two souls to be transported to the far bank…

CLP 04/04/2022