on friendship

at nights's darkest point
I woke knowing you were here
it wasn't a dream


n.b. How strange and lovely it is to feel another’s presence despite their absence. I woke, reached out and realised this presence was in my heart. I smiled, returned happily to sleep.

CLP 28/04/2022

on Ukraine xxiii

reading a poem
are you a star dancer or
dreaming of dancing?


n.b. Thank you for reading my poem, ‘Star Dancer and Her School of Dance – Francis Picabia 1913 . We don’t know each other, but I wish you well.

CLP 11/04/2022

on time

what is going on?
I have got all night, all day.
how long have you got?


CLP 06/04/2022

on romance

best left unspoken
company, comfort, laughter
more precious than gold


n.b. There is too much said, too often. We all risk becoming amateur psychologists. Is it not better to go with the flow? I am a slow learner, I fear, but keen to learn.

n.n.b. I just realised my picture contains two flotation rings…try not to read anything into that, nor to the fact it’s a picture taken on a ferry across a wide river, nor that I had to pay the lone ferryman for two souls to be transported to the far bank…

CLP 04/04/2022

on time

one of those long nights
eagle owl drifts through city
alarm brings respite


n.b. At last, the blessed relief of the Angelus bell.

CLP 31/03/2022

on luck (on Ukraine xxii)

cold rain and Covid
are we heating or eating?
anything else?


n.b. Escape your oppressors, come to the UK. You’ll be welcomed with warm hearts once you have passed HM Border Force with your visa.

CLP 30/03/2022

on light

lights, but nobody
home to hope, still despair wins
until the next time


n.b. What is going on in there? Who knows, but more importantly, who cares? The rhythm broken, habits forgotten, routines disrupted; stuff yer Premier League!

CLP 28/02/2022

on time

go back, close the gate
leave the field of play secure
pretend it's over


n.b. Can you hear the scythe of the old man swishing through the long grass, or is it just a breeze catching the blossom?

CLP 28/03/2022

on love

is it saying it
an upwell of emotion
or in our actions?


n.b. Words begin to fail me.

CLP 27/03/2022

on time / on Ukraine xxi

cash our currency
while you pay in cold blood
too little too late?


n.b. We do what we can, but this is the only way we know how. Is it enough?

CLP 27/03/2022