On Dreams xii

Dissipated by

busyness, routines and demands

reality bites


CLP 18/05/2021

On Dreams xi

One hundred thirty

seven years and five attempts

Youri Tielemans!


n.b. Better LCFC than CFC imo. Fab goal too.


CLP 16/05/2021

On Dreams x

’tis funny how they

are current, as if no past

no future, just tense


CLP 15/05/2021

On Dreams ix

Is it possible

to call back and reshape dreams

based on harsh home truths?


CLP 15/05/2021

On Water xxxvi

dykes and drains cut land

deep unnatural slices

man bides not for tide


CLP 13/05/2021

On Fear

were this heart to cease

tonight it would die happy

love lives without fear


CLP 13/05/2021


CLP 13/05/2021

On Dreams viii

If none of it’s real

why is it I remember

what did not happen?


CLP 11/02/2021

On Dreams vii

imagine a pub

garden by a river, sunshine

a soft breeze, laughter


n.b. Pinch me.

CLP 10/05/2021

On Water xxxii

excess to absence

situation stays fluid

adapt and survive


CLP 08/05/2021

On Dreams vi

I dream of dawn

when I wake from sleep

prepare tea for two


CLP 10/05/2021