On Dreams vi

solid as Scotch mist

with fragility of glass

precious compass point


CLP 08/05/2021

On Dreams v

I wake to laughter

your smile, those beautiful eyes

mine dare not open


CLP 07/05/2021

On Dreams iv

while fully concious

who could experience this

profound happiness


CLP 06/05/2021

On Dreams iii

let’s pretend a dream

does not come to fruition

what is the Dream B?


CLP 04/05/2021

On Dreams ii

then all four appear

white, red, black and pale shadows

spare me these night mares


CLP 03/05/2021

On Water xxv

under umbrella

lovers rush seeking shelter

breathless excitement


CLP 03/05/2021

On Water xxiii

absence of presence

bottle; long-term substitute

happiness of toes


CLP 01/05/2021

On Water xxii

our thirst impressions

catch the eye and stick in throat

memories decay


CLP 30/04/2021

On Water xx

sorting through shingle

picking out perfect pebbles

stones skimming off waves


CLP 28/04/2021

On Water xvi

that helicopter

on a beeline up the coast

air-sea rescue, obvs

n.b. The elements of water and air combine to tragic effect at weekends when the concoction of homo-sapiens, alcohol and sunshine dull the mind, drown common-sense.

CLP 25/04/2021