On the Surface iii

Now I want to know

What treatments are offered by

The Young Surgery.


n.b. Should there be a warning triangle here too, Men at Work? I was intrigued by the idea of feminine rejuvenation; could I have a treatment if I start losing touch with any of that aspect of my being that has aged unduly?


CLP 14th October, 2020

On the Surface ii

What lies beneath your

well manicured appearance?

Frailty or strength?


n.b. I could go on about the cosmetics industry and cosmetic surgery here, but I won’t. You know the score, don’t you?.


CLP 13th October 2020

On the Surface

The first thing about

plumbing is knowing water

always runs downhill


n.b. There is plenty of profit in running a water company, but where is the incentive to fix the antiquated infrastructure when shareholders can keep taking dividends? £57bn in share of profits has been paid out since privatisation of Britain’s water utilities. My picture shows flooding in my local street caused by a burst water main. According to the GMB union, 70% of the English water firms highly profitable shares are held overseas. The company names are dressed up to seem local, e.g. Anglian Water, but that is just superficial branding; the firm is mainly owned by Canadian and Australian capitalists. Who exactly is benefiting from privatisation of state assets?

CLP 13th October 2020

On the Street xii

Smiles become tight lips

Breaths held, sentences halted

Nothing to hear here


n.b. At first I thought this phenomena may be an unsociable characteristic of city life, but realised it is a new courtesy amongst the unmasked, a show of respect for passing fellow pedestrians with white hair; not breathing out, postponing the moment of exhalation until some random old boy has safely passed by.