On British Summer Time

Funnily enough

(contrary to opinion)

it is a real thing


n.b. Even in Norfolk, (we just have to negotiate spring first).

CLP 28/03/2021

On Physical Distancing

Who’ll help cut me free?

Held back by self-defences.

What is the damage?


n.b. Someone? Anyone?


CLP 27/03/2021

On Time

How much do we need?

Quicksilver beyond our grasp

Now it’s here, then gone


n.b. It took me an age to write this.


CLP 27/03/2021

On The Verge

Are we talking as

in ‘concede priority’

or ‘have had enough?’


n.b. And does it matter anymore?


CLP 25/03/2021

On The Line

Remember I said

that all I need is a road?

I quite like trains too


CLP 25/03/2021

On The Beach

These amongst others

Mother of pearl and sandstone

Everything but you


CLP 22/03/2021

On Anxiety

What is going on?

Everything was under control

Now? I’m not so sure.


n.b. Hey, Life’s like that. Sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow.


CLP 21/03/2021

On The Table

Security is

required to ensure birds

make it to dinner


n.b. What goes on in these pristine sheds, behind this steel fence, in what passes for turkey farming in parts of Norfolk?


CLP 18/03/2021

On Leaving

Of all the advice

I’ve ever had, the best is

Close the door gently


n.b. Or stay and talk things through. Kettle on?


CLP 14/03/2021

L3 (Day 67): Nowhere Lane

Which sorceress named

this Norfolk track? It’s right here,

in Great Witchingham.


n.b. …or is it?

It was a long cycle ride today. Perhaps I was hallucinating so desperate was I for a cuppa at Reepham & Whitwell Junction (take away only) café.