on colour

under the rainbow
life exists in bands of grey
nothing black and white


CLP 05/11/2021

on Orion

as our axis tilts
winter encroaches upon us
tightening of belts


n.b. Plague Island; taxing the many, openly corrupt, out in the cold.


CLP 04/11/2021

on November

electric blanket
hot water bottle topped up
winter duvet


n.b. What else would one need as the temperature falls faster than leaves?

CLP 02/11/2021

on faith

fair weather friendships
never survive passing storms
sunshine after rain


CLP 01/11/2021

on the phone

butterflies flutter
in the well of my stomach
when I hear your voice


CLP 3/10/2021

on fear

something from the past
lying close to the surface
believe it or not


CLP 31/10/2021

on evolution

cast of dinosaur
hallowed nave filled with children
church to museum


n.b. Good use of an otherwise underutilised public space.


CLP 30/10/2021

on the wheel

changes of colour
cannot disguise reality
working a treadmill


CLP 29/10/2021

on the edge of town

fearful of darkness
blinded to lunar beauty
we stumble through night


CLP 26/10/2021

on Friday night

with dance macabre
we laugh at the masque of death
play Russian roulette


n.b. What on Earth is going on?

CLP 23/10/2021