On the Land

Stained hands lift and cut

Bunches settle in buckets

Pressing work ahead


n.b. This is harvest time and the urgent work cannot be rushed. The atmosphere is filled with the scent of the ripe crop. At the caveaux in Villette lunch is served to the teams of workers. One caveaux is noticeably more sociable, louder, heartier than the others. The equipe spilling into the street as a cheery group, shares “bon jour” happily, invitingly with we passing walkers.

The wine from a previous vintage we tasted in Villette was delicious. It tasted as the scent that filled the air as we had walked down through the vines of Lavaux.

n.n.b. There are three workers in the picture, carefully cutting the grape bunches from the vines.


CLP 06/10/2019