On Water xxiii

absence of presence

bottle; long-term substitute

happiness of toes


CLP 01/05/2021

On Water xiii

a pause to reflect

it was here that fate pushed me

I’d to cross a bridge


n.b. Time and tide and all that. Choices, decisions, life goes on.


CLP 23/04/2021

Around Midnight

timing was never more important

than opportunity when hungry

we ate out, or would grab something

maybe just an amuse-bouche

at the bus shelter, a first course perhaps

irrespective of weather

because hungry is no respecter of climate

we always ate together

we rarely went without without

in sun, the rain, the snow

until naturally our routines began to drift

into more regular meal routines

before economy and fate peeled us apart


I returned one midnight

to oranges, not as a ravenous teenager

body craving any food or fruit every hour

these midnight oranges were rarer

at first a self-indulgent treat

until our segmentation complete

meant for awhile midnight oranges

were the only food

that I had to eat


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty Two prompt: metonymy – midnight oranges. Good luck looking that up.


CLP 22/04/2021

On Physical Distancing

Who’ll help cut me free?

Held back by self-defences.

What is the damage?


n.b. Someone? Anyone?


CLP 27/03/2021

L3 (Day 76): Holt

Are these people showing off about not having Covid, or has the local sub-editor got a sick sense of humour, riffing on the vulnerability of olfactory and gustatory senses in these coronavirus times?

Here, there is a growing feeling of cabin fever mixed with de-mob happiness. Is the prima donna yet ready for la grande finale?


CLP 23/03/2021

On The Beach

These amongst others

Mother of pearl and sandstone

Everything but you


CLP 22/03/2021

L3 (Day 75): Back at Square One

A year ago I came here to take refuge; it changed the direction of my life.

Tonight I am back here again, but without the self-doubt, without the fear of the future.

Thank you to everyone I have shared this year with, particularly my elder sister, without whom I would have been somewhere else.


CLP 22/03/2021

L3 (Day 71): The Waterfront

This hulk retains buoyancy despite it all, but to what end? Is remaining afloat enough? Is there still life in this wreck?


CLP 18/03/2021

L3(Day 70): Underground

While we stumble around up here, the moles are busy churning through the soil, turning up the earth into little mounds of fine tilth as they go about their usual business.

Meanwhile I try to remember what usual business might mean; try to maintain a balanced perspective; try not to create insurmountable mountains from the everyday ordinary.


CLP 17/03/2021

L3(Day 68): On Screen

It was disarming to see my friend online today after so long. The voice I know. The face, so recognisable. The smile, more beautiful than I could remember.


CLP 15/03/2021