on my shadow

humourless laggard
drab silent doppelgänger
darkens each doorstep


n.b. Prompted by NaPoWrIMo 2022 Day Eight prompt, this senryū describes my alter-ego,

I hope that I have this the right way round.

CLP 08/04/2022

on light

street, car, lamp, moon, star
fox turns grey, trots down alley
barks, cuts through shadow


CLP 28/01/2022


Aegean blue
or is it green
clear to the seabed
shadow so sharp
it cut me out
cast me in stone
anchored me
and here I am still
waiting for you
to dive in too


CLP 29/08/2021

Sun Dial

what time was it when

Sun projected pine shadows

on warm warehouse bricks


CLP 07/04/2021