on time

you'd think it's Sunday
traffic absent, birdsong clear
Ingerland kick off


n.b. I was rudely interrupted by the heavy fall of silence. An international football game was about to start, so nearly everything else stopped.

CLP 21/11/2022

Dream #6

so silent this blue turns black

nothing moves on Earth

a meteor streak

a faint schwoosh far off

sprinkled stardust

dissolves into tapestry of night


CLP 31/05/2021

On Water vi

a fingernail caught

in momentary stillness

beauty of silence


CLP 15/04/2021

On the Surface vi

Talk flows naturally

Everything seems as it should.

What’s been left unsaid?


n.b. Is life too short to cover everything one needs to talk about?


CLP 17/10/2020

“What was it like?”

They will ask

When we are older

Where were you?

What did you do?

What was it like?


There will be some

Full of learning

Stories of neighbours

Of clapping and rainbows

Of nature; sunlight


There will be some

Who saw too much

Were party to this history

Brought low by loss and grief

Who choose not to speak


CLP 08/07/2020

On the Road xxvi

Restlessness ceases

Traveller’s weary heart breathes

Grass soft underfoot


n.b. God bless her and all who sail in her.



Hysterical times

Switch right off, take hold of Time

Listen to the Earth


CLP 26/04/2020

On the Weekend

Friday finally

Shuts up, lies down, rolls over

Into Saturday


CLP 07/02/2020