On Waking

Locked in combat

Fitful thoughts leave us flailing

Sleep slays our demons


n.b. This carving in Cley-next-the-sea is un-dated. It may be from the C18th, or possibly older, or more recent. It amuses me that St. George appears to be asleep on his dopey steed, whilst despatching the dragon.

A good kip can see off all manner of worries, even a monster like this one.


CLP 14/07/2020

Wednesday Night B&B

I heard him

In the room above


On every creaking board

Before heavy shift of weight to bed

Shuffling down

Stretching out

A soft repeated snore

That broke before some more


Trickle of urine in the bowl

Then more


On every creaking board

It was nearly ten to four


CLP 20/02/2020

Ships in the Night

Tonight here in the old stable

The weather worsens

Wind rattles loose boards

Pulls at rickety wooden panels

Pushes at the doors

Tugs the roof

Rain casts itself in waves

On windows

While I lie here

Dreaming of storms on the high seas

Knowing when I wake

I’ll be back safe alongside


CLP 09/01/2020