Dream #14

the Moon lies

in some galactic gutter

off his face on space junk

leaving all the lights on

so many colours, constellations confused

by brilliance of the luminous clutter

and you here, warm, safe, sound asleep

to the universal song and dance

of the stars going loopy

given their chance


CLP 09/06/2021

Dream #9

Sleep called me

I was out

Sleep left a message

I missed it

Sleep had a stern word

“My office, first thing”

Left me to restless contemplation

considering consequences


CLP 03/06/2021

On Dreams xxii

unjiggling stuff

mixing up bits and pieces

sleep’s webbed tapestry


CLP 28/05/2021

On Dreams xix

What is that thing called

when believe yourself awake

but are still asleep?


CLP 25/05/2021

On Dreams xviii

Not entirely sure

what actually happened

I was fast asleep


CLP 23/05/2021

On Sleep (n+1)

what is going on?

all pre-conditions were met

awake, not dreaming


CLP 24/05/2021

On Dreams xvi

suddenly not mine

wrestling for space in own space

whose dream is this now?


CLP 22/05/2021

On Dreams xiv

to activate dreams

start by counting cows then sheep

then feed fresh born lambs

n.b. I have skipped ‘On Dreams xiii’ for now.


CLP 19/05/2021

On Dreams x

’tis funny how they

are current, as if no past

no future, just tense


CLP 15/05/2021

On Dreams ii

then all four appear

white, red, black and pale shadows

spare me these night mares


CLP 03/05/2021