on time

if you get up early
during these short days
get out, walk towards the east
stand still, watch the bright light grow
from deep blue, so blue its almost black
to steel grey
watch the horizon burn
turn, look up at the highest point
study the golden light edging down
the church steeple
the conifer
the pylon
city hall's clock tower
you'll feel the Earth spinning
taking you into a new day


CLP 14/01/2022

on time

sooner and later
edges of day stretch apart
cast light into gloom


n.b. The shift is noticeable, not just the steadily extending day, but the intensity of light seems to increase as the Sun’s daily arc moves toward the centre of the northern sky’s canopy.

CLP 07/01/2022

on time

clock hands coincide
alcohol, fireworks, bagpipes
relentless orbit


n.b. A fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. Our solar system wheels on through the Universe, no looking back.


CLP 01/01/2022

on darkness

this is the limit
solar orbit continues
we move toward light


n.b. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it! Something to celebrate brothers and sisters.

n.b. This deal does not apply to dwellers in the southern hemisphere.


CLP 21/12/2021

on Autumn

tardy Sun arrives
pays us cursory visit
clocks off as soon as...


n.b. If it even bothers to turn up for work these days.

CLP 08/12/2021

on the Moon

drowned in street lighting
giving up her fight with man
another day gone


n.b. The waning crescent slips barely noticed below the horizon. Here just visible above the retail park roof, just to the right of the lamp.

CLP 08/11/2021

on Switzerland ii

the planets and stars
worry not about our troubles
they rise above us


n.b. Jupiter and satellites with Mars over Lac Léman.

CLP 24/09/2021

on dusk

Sun barely abed
when with a gleam in his eyes
fat orange Moon wakes

n.b. Jupiter and her offspring were on their way home too. A busy hour or so around the horizon as the autumn equinox hoves into view.

CLP 22/09/2021

Dream #14

the Moon lies

in some galactic gutter

off his face on space junk

leaving all the lights on

so many colours, constellations confused

by brilliance of the luminous clutter

and you here, warm, safe, sound asleep

to the universal song and dance

of the stars going loopy

given their chance


CLP 09/06/2021

On Earth

Night’s shadow climbs hill

fills in hollows, outlines trees.

Sun ignites heaven.


CLP 16/03/2021