Dream #14

the Moon lies

in some galactic gutter

off his face on space junk

leaving all the lights on

so many colours, constellations confused

by brilliance of the luminous clutter

and you here, warm, safe, sound asleep

to the universal song and dance

of the stars going loopy

given their chance


CLP 09/06/2021

On Earth

Night’s shadow climbs hill

fills in hollows, outlines trees.

Sun ignites heaven.


CLP 16/03/2021


On Numbers (30)

It is but a month

Winter Solstice approaches

Darkness leads to Light


CLP 21/11/2020

On High

Comet lights path

Between deep space and our star

We remain Earth bound


n.b. I would include a picture, but it’s overcast at the moment, so this shot features the sunrise on 21st June, 2020 here, on the north coast of East Anglia.

CLP 18/07/2020



Unseen until swinging past

Tail enflamed in approach to Sun

Heated by that enticing prospect

Illuminating the dark of night

Shining through the brightest blue

Reminder that this sky

Is simply cloak


CLP  11/10/2018