on light

all you can muster
from heaven, Earth and water
celestial blue


CLP 21/06/2022

on time

light fills June's night sky
we swing toward the Solstice
gratitude in hearts


CLP 20/06/2022


we can't get much further away
from the summer solstice
grasses tickling your shins
sun pink face, a few freckles
but it's good to be here
with winter encroaching
with your smile
bright as buttercups
your kisses delicate
as sweet pea flowers


CLP 18/11/2021

On Winter

How low can you go?

Helios that’s enough now

Please lighten our load


n.b. Tomorrow the Winter Solstice. Not a question of belief, just a bloody relief!

CLP 20/12/2020


Shroud of Arctic night

Falls heaviest on this day

Sun catches her breath


CLP  21/12/2018