on music

dance branch to bough
long-tail tits staccato song
free-style formation


CLP 09/01/2023

on time

what hour can this be?
moonlit apple orchard limbs
rookery's dawn croaks


n.b. The mechanical measure of time slips into insignificance when daylight is secondary to moonlight. The corvids, atop the high trees, will let you know when it’s time to move.

CLP 08/01/2022

on light

secondhand daylight
sent via lunar surface
dusted in silver


n.b. Long exposure rather exaggerates the scene, but you get the ideaz

CLP 05/01/2023

on time

seasons all muddled
curious robin calls by
bum barrels flit past


CLP 04/01/2023

on land

pink sky threatens frost
life retreats beneath the turf
Moon casts stark shadows


n.b. Great to be back under Somerset skies.

CLP 02/01/2023

on paws

just for a moment
remembering a spaniel
the four leg, Clover


n.b. I feel lucky to have met and worked along side this loopy hound on a number of occasions. It will feel odd visiting that farm sometime in the not too distant future (hopefully) and not be greeted by this lovable character. Life goes on.

CLP 14/02/2022

Under the Sun

chittering swallows

whirring crickets, silent moths

seeking pastures old


CLP 30/06/2021

On Rain

thick dark soup of sky

ladles out downpour dollops

brook a bubbling broth


CLP 28/06/2021


when we appear at the gate

their bleating starts

calling of ewes to lambs

lambs to ewes

locating each other in panicked calls

so anxious are they at our arrival


a pair of sturdy lambs burrow under a ewe

knocking the flighty beast off-balance

pull hard at her teats for comfort

lambs who already feed happily on grass

who merrily join patrols of this pasture

party to a gambolling gang

who normally ignore the stark-shorn ewes

lined by tines of electric shears

that have scored their skinned fleece pink


When our red quad-bike appears

these adolescent lambs cry

for more mother’s milk

perhaps instinctively aware

of what drives our human kindness


CLP 27/06/2021

The Magic Picture Tree

What do you see in the shape of this old oak tree

Shaped by lightening, prevailing winds, minerals and time?

I saw an opera singer, big as a house

Someone else a buried cross

What can you shape from this old oak tree?


CLP 25/05/2021