on sound

I couldn't hear you
there was too much background noise
spouting from my mouth


n.b. “Say something once, why say it again?” sang David Byrne with Talking Heads.

A young couple were arguing on the train yesterday, not loudly, nor demonstratively. “I don’t want an argument.” he said. “You’re not listening to me.” She said. He moved to another carriage.

It’s not always easy communicating important stuff

CLP 05/06/2022

on sound

ambulance passes
low moan of London express
car door clunks, footsteps


CLP 22/11/2021

Time #2

robin, sparrow, pigeon

motorway, next door’s children

blue sky, white walls, dawn bright

silver birch shine, heat of sheet

sourness of sweat, weight of limb

heavy head, weary heart

click of clock, click of clock

click of clock, laughing gull


CLP 16/06/2021

On Three

Gutter plays flat notes

overflow erratic beat

flood of rain music


CLP 06/02/2021