on time

starlings gathering
sparkling in low August sun
speckling wheat stubble


CLP 10/08/2022

on flight

starlings stir up dusk
sky's grey palette liquified
fish out of water


n.b. A photograph cannot capture the wonder of starlings numbering hundreds or thousands flying in a free-wheeling flock, a mumuration. Yesterday, late afternoon, Great Yarmouth; the magic of flight, the joy of collective effort, the beauty of life.


CLP 09/01/2022

On Pylons

particular birds

enjoy the sites from these heights

starlings shimmering


n.b. None on view here. I was just remembering.


CLP 19/03/2021


Hear that?

The deranged fluting

Of squabbling neighbours

In hedgerows, on bushes

Ceaseless bickering

An endless stream

Of chiding and chipping

Away one moves

The others follow

From pillar to post

To willow to fence

Unable to let rest

Whatever the matter be

Resolved or not

There’s always more to add

Or subtract from what’s already said

Not happy until everyone’s unhappy

Are the anti-sociable

Flocking, mocking starlings


CLP 30/05/2020