On Hope

see, you have survived

but how was this possible?

your heart was broken


CLP 20/07/2021

Mindset #1

Choose from we or I

part of problem or answer

you that, me this, us


CLP 22/06/2021

L3 (Day 73): Cow Tower

Over-shadowing this sculpted turn of the Wensum, cracked from sky to soil, it is still here, still recognisable, still standing.


CLP 20/03/2021

On Numbers (Infinity)

Everything we do

today can make tomorrow

a day worth having


n.b. God, give me strength to do the right thing.



On the Surface ii

What lies beneath your

well manicured appearance?

Frailty or strength?


n.b. I could go on about the cosmetics industry and cosmetic surgery here, but I won’t. You know the score, don’t you?


CLP 13th October 2020