January Road Trip (XXVI)

Dress of Wedding White

Delectable curves fill cloth

Sun casts confetti


n.b. I witnessed stunning views whilst travelling through the Southern Uplands this morning.

The white hills, dark clouds with Sun breaking through dropping more snow in curtains. A delicate show of light and shade was daubed onto the rounded terrain of south-west Scotland.

I have never seen such a magical snowscape; it was worth every mile driven on this excursion just to experience this today.


CLP 28/01/2020

On the Moon

Moon reflection on water trough; reflection of reflection.

On the Moon

Light from the Sun falls

Then reflects on Earth, on us

We share this magic


n.b. Where ever we are, whoever we are, we share the same Moonlight, the same Sun – we are in this together.


CLP 07/01/2020

Heard not Seen

It was a day when I worked

With my shirt off

Bent to the task

Concentrating on single stones

The depth, set, fit to the path

Brushing the grey, gritty soil

To fill in the gaps

Ancient fragments glinted

As I weighed up each stone in my palm

Myriad crystal particles

Formed over eons

Compacted, knocked, quarried, shaped

Travelled from where only heaven knows

To a simple pavé here

While the lizard watches

From a split in the wall

Ready to twist away

Hide somewhere dry within

Sounding a crisp trail

As it flicks through the dead ivy

The moment I straighten my back


CLP 05/12/2019