on Sunday

after Saturday
comes morning. Monday's not bad
blues follow bruising


n.b. Sunday seems to be the hardest day. Do you feel that too?

CLP 12/03/2023

on time

here, we see Sunday
who stole Friday, Saturday?
today a fresh sheet


n.b. Days merge, nights blur, feverish hours melt.

CLP 27/11/2022

on time

slow, slower, slowed, stopped
Sunday, afternoon, July
I'll wait here for you


CLP 10/07/2022

on time

reed beds swirl in breeze
roots washed by tidal shifts
returning swallows


CLP 09/05/2022

On Numbers (Seventh)

Families in park

strolling, talking and playing.

Shops shut, people out!


n.b. Sun brought no heat with it and cold currents of air drew rheum to the edge of screen-tired eyes, but everyone who could squeeze into the park was there. People were enjoying the Day of Rest during which only “essential” shops were open. Oh what to do? Go the local parks and perambulate.

When this thing is over it would be a shame if the shops reopened on Sundays. It was lovely to hear the babble of conversation filling Eaton Park. It was like being on holiday in Europe, enjoying the civilising beauty of a Sunday stroll with all generations of families taking the air and talking to each other. Beautiful! Beautiful!


CLP 22/11/2020

Lyon (VI)

Sunday’s streets mostly silent

I hear the leathery leaf of a plane tree fall

Now Saturday’s night is done

This is how life used to be

A day of rest, officially

When even clocks seem to pause

But Metro lines, buses and trams

Still running efficiently

Over the viaduct a TGV rolls

A slow start

This is a time to breathe

A gentle stroll

City parks, the river promenades

Come into their own

The carousel yet to turn

Boulouger rises early

Flower stalls bloom

A street market unwraps

Churches’ heavy doors let in light

Let out dust and gloom

Street cleaner already vacuuming

While dog walkers stoop

Still having to pick up the mess

Their dogs don’t get Sundays


n.b. Yes, the old clock wasn’t working. It was 08:00h when I took the photo.

CLP 25/11/2019