This feather floating on the lake
Its hollow shaft so strong, so light
Barbs and barbules do combine
To form the vane of shining white

Is this us so gently curled
Rachis perfectly holding shape
Barely touching the water's skin
Like your lips that kiss my nape

Causing shivers of the spine
This feather came from heaven above
Lifting my spirit from lockdowns' pain
This feather you, elegant love


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-six prompt: extended simile. I live in hope, obvs!

CLP 26/04/2022

on water

crystalline sky meets
golden tears wept by willows
life-belt's hollow ring


CLP 16/12/2021

on seeing

quayside visitor
inquisitive or hungry
prepared to take risks


CLP 16/11/2021