on Reception

copier repair
man career change to motel
no two days the same


n.b. Stopped for a very late night keep-myself-awake-on-the-drive-home cup of tea at a motel in The Fens, heard a life story from boy soldier to village brass band. Classic! Nice one Dale.

On Water L

if overwhelmed

put everything down, big breath

then go fill kettle


n.b. That’s it for ‘On Water’ for now, I feel the blog has reached saturation point with this theme and fifty is a good number to pause on. I will ensure to drip-feed more into the On Water series as I go. Thank you to everyone who has read, liked and commented on the series. Tomorrow sees the start of a new(ish) theme

CLP 28/05/2021

On Leaving

Of all the advice

I’ve ever had, the best is

Close the door gently


n.b. Or stay and talk things through. Kettle on?


CLP 14/03/2021

L3 (Day 49): In Shorts

Seventeen degrees

Out to the broad. Quick cup of tea

Sunshine on me knees.


n.b. The warmth held until around 5 p.m. despite a strong breeze. See the striations in the late afternoon sky. A lot of wind for weather forecasters to talk about today: they talk a lot about the wind.


CLP 24/02/2021

On Taste

Tea leaves taste bitter

Taken without sugar grains

Subtlety blossoms


Christopher Perry

17th April, 2020