On Water xxxvi

dykes and drains cut land

deep unnatural slices

man bides not for tide


CLP 13/05/2021

L3(Day 68): On Screen

It was disarming to see my friend online today after so long. The voice I know. The face, so recognisable. The smile, more beautiful than I could remember.


CLP 15/03/2021

On Screen

Can you hear me now?

Yes, we can hear you now, but

we cannot see you.


n.b. How many months have we had to practice this? Come on boys and girls, please.


CLP 13/02/2021

On Playing xvii

You playing or not

quite certain what the game is?

Me neither. Your turn!


n.b. The uncertainty seems to be increasing as physical distancing continues. Does anyone know what is happening to us? I write from a place of personal freedom, personal distance, personal isolation. Good days, bad days, happy days and sad.

When I read a book that mentions about going for a drink in a crowded bar, or for a romantic meal in a Paris restaurant; or when I watch a movie where people just move about acting out lives that mean having to be close to others and dealing with the intimacies of existence, I think, ‘Is this how it was, or will be? It doesn’t look or feel right. This is not how it is.

Interacting online with everyone is a miracle of technology, but I am tired of it. Everyone is accessible, everyone is removed. What is the game we are playing?


CLP 28/01/2021

On the Street x

Photo quality

printer gutted, abandoned;

news unfit to print


CLP 09/10/2020