I hear
Trees trembling
Before I feel
A droplet
Cold on my brow
Before I see
Dark spots
Marking the path
Before I choose
To walk on
Under shivering oak leaves


CLP 10/05/2023

Camellias ii

Warmth of late August
Soaked into patio paving
Heats our tanned feet
You take my hand
Lead me back

To the shadowed lawn
Still compressed
Where we had been
Sculpting joy
The night before

A blackbird
(Hidden by heavy pink blooms)
Sang to us
Of eternal love
As Venus pierced
Night's deepening blue


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 30 prompt: a palinode.

This poem, I hope, balances the sadness of shadows implied previously.

This link gives some background on camellias and related symbolism of this ornamental tree.. https://www.bloomandwild.com/the-meaning-of-camellia-flower

And so we move deeper into 2023, a year that feels to be moving as fast as any I have ever lived. Adieu x

CLP 30/04/2023

on Ukraine

how could I complain
of broken sleep caused by wine?
you wake to sirens


n.b. Day 429. Cruise missiles launched at Ukraine’s cities before first light. Moscow’s unending terrorist attack on Ukraine persists.

CLP 28/04/2023


Let us not pretend
Names are unimportant

Words are deployed like
Booby-trapped IEDs

If you trip the wire
It cannot be defused
Nor put back
In the ground

Piercing hearts
Fragmenting arguments
Through misnomers

Call this war
Of words and minds
While children lie
Under collapsed
Apartment blocks


n.b. Day 427 (I think).

CLP 26/04/2023

on life

Eons hence they'll see
Blue planet's lifeless waters


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 20 prompt, looking back to now from a distant future time. Here from a distant planet.

CLP. 20/04/2023

Aladdin Sane

The cover artwork, white
Feather cut, blue and red
Lightning flash across
Bowie's downcast eyes
Bared shoulders and torso
'He suffers from androgyny'
Mother cautioned me

I had borrowed the album
From Paul, who four years later
Became more extrovert, quite camp
After his trip to Paris
Where he sought a man
To offer up his virginity
While I played 'Time' ashamedly


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2023. Day 19, cautionary tales.

Great prompt today. Absolute car crash of implications for everyone. Mine relates to half-truths, blind-siding and Catholic silence leading to confusion and ignorance around matters sexual.

As John Cleese once said, shaking his fist at the clouds, “Thank you, God! Thank you, very much!”

Link to Bowie‘s Aladdin Sane image.

CLP 19/04/2023

on Ukraine

twenty-five years for
Vladimir Kara-Murza
for calling out war


n.b. Mr Kara-Murza stayed in Russia to inform Russians about the invasion of Ukraine under the orders of Moscow. Sentenced to twenty-five years for being critical of Russia’s leadership, an exemplary sentence has been imposed.

As a holder of Russian and British citizenships, it is thought he may be used as a hostage to extract some concessions from London, or to negotiate release of Russians, or pro-Russian individuals captured for espionage in the west.

Meanwhile, day 419 of the war is passing and Ukrainians fighting for independence from Russia are still being slaughtered.


CLP 18/04/2023

on time

three a.m. again
memories of you flood back
vixen barks in street


CLP 01/04/2023


westerly pulling at loose coat hoods
white horses whispering of rain
turnstones picking through kelp
gulls laughing from beachfront roofs
wet sand slowly filling in footprints
faint moon fading in morning azure
Venus sinking with all our hopes


CLP 30/03/2023

on time

looming in shadows
another month presses in
don't let it crush me


n.b. One day at a time, please, one day.

CLP 27/03/2023