On Take Off

Along the runway

there is a go no go point

and we’re well past it


n.b. Koblenz, the meeting of rivers, like Norwich a centre of trade for hundreds of years, had to be rebuilt after the Second World War. Bombers from airfields in Norfolk would have been instrumental in those assaults, returning the blitz to Nazi Germany.

The twinning of Norwich and Koblenz was part of a pan-European programme of town twinning to restore bonds across the war-ravaged continent. The EU, committed to securing peace among its member states, developed from the ruins of Europe’s cities.

Now Brexit is “done” we will see the UK crawling back bit by bit. Today the actors’ union, Equity is calling for freedom of movement for its members. Fishermen want compensation for the loss of sales to EU member states. British firms are moving to the Netherlands, Belgium and France so they can continue to trade freely with our neighbours without Brexit imposed restrictions. And so on it goes.

Ho hum.


CLP 15/02/2021

On the Street iv

They’re disposable

Cast aside once utilised

As if elderly


n.b. Don’t let those Tory bastards get away with it.


CLP 03/10/2020