The Worm and the Louse

Worm said that Louse had behaved in a way that Worm considered to be ‘mad and totally unethical’ and warned that Worm was prepared to give evidence under oath to an inquiry.

“It is sad to see the Louse and his office fall so far below the standards of competence and integrity that this ship of fools deserves.” Worm wrote.

Such a damning intervention by the Worm who was Louse’s key ally and source of ideological inspiration will deeply alarm the Louse and his lice. Worm is due to give his evidence to the Gammons next month.


n.b. Adapted from the top story in The Guardian newspaper of Saturday, 24th April, 2021; “Mad and totally unethical” Cummings hits out at Boris Johnson.”

NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty Four prompt; word change animals featured in news article, or words to that effect.

It was supposed to be a fun prompt, but there is absolutely nothing amusing about having The Great Clown running anything more complicated than a train set – if that.


CLP 24/04/2021

L3 (Day 74): On the Shelf

I go to the supermarket to buy essential shopping, not to have Brexit thrust in my face.

I saw an article last week that had the headline, “Congrats America, You’re Not The Dumbest Country In The World”. The article led off with a photograph of Alexander Johnson, Her Majesty’s Prime Minister.


CLP 21/03/2021

On Take Off

Along the runway

there is a go no go point

and we’re well past it


n.b. Koblenz, the meeting of rivers, like Norwich a centre of trade for hundreds of years, had to be rebuilt after the Second World War. Bombers from airfields in Norfolk would have been instrumental in those assaults, returning the blitz to Nazi Germany.

The twinning of Norwich and Koblenz was part of a pan-European programme of town twinning to restore bonds across the war-ravaged continent. The EU, committed to securing peace among its member states, developed from the ruins of Europe’s cities.

Now Brexit is “done” we will see the UK crawling back bit by bit. Today the actors’ union, Equity is calling for freedom of movement for its members. Fishermen want compensation for the loss of sales to EU member states. British firms are moving to the Netherlands, Belgium and France so they can continue to trade freely with our neighbours without Brexit imposed restrictions. And so on it goes.

Ho hum.


CLP 15/02/2021

On Numbers 60+

Oh you complete fool!

Why would they let Brits rush through?

Brexit means exit


n.b. Alexander Johnson wants freedom of movement for the British within the EU borders. Eh? I thought this was what you wanted to end? A wait of over 60 minutes for the British when queuing to pass into EU countries is just one more inconvenience that we can look forward to following the lies and deception and corruption and Russian sponsorship of the “winning” Brexit campaign. I have to laugh, otherwise I would weep.


CLP 24th October, 2020

On Tories

As gulls who paddle

Their feet on the earth like rain

Calling the worms up


n.b. Is this the last General Election of the country currently known as The United Kingdom? The three kingdoms of England (& Wales), Scotland and (Northern) Ireland united under an Act of Parliament on the appointment of James VI of Scotland to the English throne is coming apart at the seams.

The Tories, supposedly the Conservative & Unionist Party are tearing the country to pieces, but still they promise the earth to the gullible when they only deliver division and despair. “Britain deserves better” they cry…”than another Tory government!” the reply. Even in this slogan they have dropped any reference to Northern Ireland. “Avoid a Hung Parliament” they urge. Is this tongue in throat gallows humour? Don’t put ideas into peoples’ heads I advise.


n.n.b. The first monarch (James I) of the United Kingdom also had the title of King of France. This was a hang-over from earlier centuries when the descendants of Normandy ruled England after the invasion of 1066 CE. Which just shows that the aristocracy’s tendency to be out of touch (e.g. Rees-Mogg) is nothing new.

CLP 10/11/2019