On Water xii

dirty old canal

lone Wellington boot floats

questions unanswered


CLP 21/04/2021

At the platform there stood the London train

…the London train that was packed with people

people with different places to go

places thronged with colleagues and / or friends

friends some new, some known for years

years that have fallen like blossom

blossom scented with childhood memories

memories diffused by time and tide

tide that swept clear a foreign shore

a foreign shore where lovers swam

lovers who lost their faith in Love

Love that became too wild to tame

too wild that two hearts were rent

hearts that continued to beat like muffled drums

muffled drums we reading this will not hear

we who not know when our day will come

a day from which we cannot run


p.s. NaPoWriMo 2021 Day Twenty One prompt; repetitive set up.


CLP 21/04/2020

On Water ii

a simple pleasure

just being ferried abroad

afloat beside you


CLP 11//04/2021

Do Not Alight Here…

…the sign on the platform read

provoking that bloody-minded reaction

he saw as proof of living a life

still worth it, worth everything

worth going to bed

with a stranger once more

here might be the place

that could throw things up

burn the throat, whet the tongue

revive, refresh, rekindle

the screech of parakeets

colonising plane trees in the park

after-dark sounds on full reverb

in daylight on streets

of colour, black to white all blood

everyone from anywhere

who’ll do something, anything

no more bi this

no more buy that

stop and search me, why don’t you

I’m game as road-kill

as smart as street crime

as sharp as a wife

given half-a-clue to step out

and start out anew


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Button with white background Day 3 here is how the cards fell when I cut the deck: whet, game. (For TC).



CLP 03/04/2021


Less of a fork, more like a maze

Cul de sac, u-turn, or roundabout route

Chris-crossing cities, wandering wild

A rambling nose for amuse-bouches and side dishes

A taste for sharp turns, an eye for live mains

Which road is not travelled when most have been tried?

Still working through the start menu, rebooting worn shoes

Still with a pulse and nothing to lose.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2021 Button with white background Day 2 prompt: A road not travelled…

CLP 02/04/2021


L3 (Day 81.6): Bicycle

Gentle rotations. Wending through the old city. Taking in the architecture. Contemplating history and herstory.


CLP 28/03/2021

On The Verge

Are we talking as

in ‘concede priority’

or ‘have had enough?’


n.b. And does it matter anymore?


CLP 25/03/2021

L3 (Day 78.5): On Air (ii)

Big mouth strikes again.

Three hours out and a puncture

Took wind from my sails


n.b. Hahahahahahahahahahaha 🙄


CLP 25/03/25

L3 (Day 78): On Air (i)

The pneumatic tyre is a great invention! ’nuff said.


CLP 25/03/2021

On The Line

Remember I said

that all I need is a road?

I quite like trains too


CLP 25/03/2021