on time

don't be afraid, look back
there's water, other stuff too
bridges have been crossed


CLP 19/06/2022


close to midnight
twenty two degrees
roof open
we roll down the windows
roll down the strip
cruise control on
twenty mph
can't find the music
shuffling through the dock
warehouses, flood lights, cctv
cobbled streets, Trafalgar Square
depeche mode
an abandoned town film set
a lone riotous pub on the quay
we roll on
not street racing from the lights
we're up to sixty, plus
we head West by North-west
sea-salt thickening our hair
fair skin pinked
all the youth
we lived apart
in an evening


CLP 18/06/2022

on the strip

who needs Las Vegas
buried deep in a desert
when you've got GY?


JS & CLP 18/06/2022

on the river

take a walk with me
rising Thames and dappled shade
South Bank setting Sun


CLP 21/05/2022

on line

preening, pouting, posing
snapping pictures beneath plastic peonies
for instant posting
images presented for impressionable
previously unknown people
now known as friends


n.b. Much of what you see in the photo above is fake something. Any further comment necessary?

CLP 19/05/2022

Aisling of the millpond

unseasonable warmth
petite clouds
white buds pinned to infinite blue
fine grass blades grass by the millpond
prick my pale winter skin
my flat weight crumples daisies
in cool shade
of the willow’s weeping

tumble of the waterwheel
low hum of bumble bees




with eyes closed I see all
the birds I hear
from within this sonorous wall
soft notes
a woman’s song

so tired
so tired
so tired

my head so heavy it cannot turn
my eyelids stuck down by pinks and blues
my arms so heavy they will not move
my legs feel bound they cannot run
my voice clasped tight within my throat
I hear her singing

she sings of lilac
yet to bloom

she sings of lambs
not yet sprung

she sings of hedgerows
nestlings yet to fledge

she sings of the stream
yet to flood

she sings of oak
still to leaf

she sings of the summer
yet to burn

she sings of two lovers
yet to meet

she sings of harvest
we’ve yet to reap

she sings of apples
we’ll collect

she sings of mists
that will rise from dew

she sings of the plough
that will tear the earth

she sings of crows
that will draw in the night

she sings of frost
that will veil the soil

she sings of the fireplace
as autumn leaves

so tired
so tired
so tired

slowly I wake
how far I must go
before I finally reach
my home


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-five prompt: write an aisling.

CLP 25/04/2022


you held my hand
in the crowd
I led you gently

we walked through Saturday
saw the city
opening like tulips

we shared our food
in Brick Lane

you slept
on the train
head on my shoulder

it felt like love
tasted like love
looked like love


CLP 24/04/2022

Pillow Talk

Where were we when you said
It is okay for me to say "tu"?

I could not reciprocate, there is nothing
in English to convey such subtle change

That step from formal to familiar
From mannered speech to intimate

It exposed the Anglo-Saxon in me too
My lack of ease dealing in grey

My lack of language to express
Emotions too layered for me to grasp

Our travelling to and fro
Became too much

From me to you and you to me
To be apart meant to ache

To be together meant knowing
We two would soon have to part

When we reached where the way divides
We knew we'd take two different paths


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Twenty-Two prompt: Repetition.

CLP 22/04/2022


New moon over the lake
Perseids showering the peaks
You had to be there

So very silly
Like children repeating

You had to be there

In the Arrivals hall
After unexplained delay
You had to be there

At the station
I thought it strange
We had
You had to be there

Lockdown over Europe
My body burned for you
You had to be there


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Eighteen prompt: five answers to a single (unstated) question.

CLP 18/04/2022


with no particular place to go
spring-heeled Jack waltzed along the lane
caught a falling white feather
brushed it soft on his lips
remembered the love
he'd cruelly spurned
clutched his heart
fell down


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2022 Day Nine prompt; write a nonet.

CLP 09/04/2022