on time

grow straight, tall and true
more tricky than imagined
trees flex with the wind


CLP 08/02/2023

on time

how long is there left?
unknowable until past
then all will make sense


n.b. This mighty tree was not left to fall. See the heart drawn across the split? Love binding it together, or representing a break? Who knows? This is art.

CLP 30/05/2022

on light

come, sit on this bench
watch kaleidoscopic trees
run through all the greens


CLP 17/05/2022

on light

tune into new day
Sun tweaks its colour settings
birdsong audible


n.b. Without the dampening affect of full foliage the morning is a pretty noisy time of day, particularly now that there is no lockdown in England and traffic on the bypass and into the city centre is increasingly heavy.


CLP 12/01/2022


fungi in heart of oak
working to bring giant down
humbling royalty


n.b. We are all mortal.

CLP 16/10/201

On Late August

with each breath begins
undressing of trees revealing
deep strength, stark beauty


CLP 27/08/2021

On The Wind

empty container
scutters along dry gutter
rustle of leaves


CLP 26/08/2021

The Magic Picture Tree

What do you see in the shape of this old oak tree

Shaped by lightening, prevailing winds, minerals and time?

I saw an opera singer, big as a house

Someone else a buried cross

What can you shape from this old oak tree?


CLP 25/05/2021

On Water xxvii

bent double by grief

sadness enough to birth rivers

path shadowed by tears


CLP 04/05/2021

On Branches

Above these thick limbs

the canopy frame prepares

to harvest sunlight


CLP 18/03/2021