Salix Alba Caerulea

Deep roots draw strength

From river banks; soggy fields

Pink shoots top out crown


n.b. This willow, from which cricket bats are made, thrives in fresh water zones of temperate lands. In the early part of the year the tips of this salix tree bring a refreshing light red hue to winter, a hope-filled indicator of better things to come, such as the cricket season.

At Havant station yesterday I looked over to the adjacent cricket field where a bulky chap was mowing the square. I could smell the chlorophyll on the breeze from the grass cutting. It released a butterfly cloud of cricket related memories in my head. Heaven!

CLP 01/03/2020


Is there any tree holier

Than a blooming magnolia?

A Lily tree

The Jade Lily


n.b. Named Magnolia after a French botanist, Pierre Magnol, although the Chinese call it the Pinyin and had done so for generations before those including it within the plant classification system labelled it after one of Montpellier’s finest; a man who studied and promoted the study of botany enthusiastically in the late C17th / C18th.

CLP 26/02/2020