On Hope vi

we will meet again

that is written, ’tis our fate

yes, all will be fine


CLP 22/06/2021

On Understanding

What relief there is

to know our confusion’s past.

For that I’m grateful.


n.b. In a complex world, establishing a little bit of peace, love and understanding is always a good thing, however long it takes to get there.


CLP 21/02/2021

On Waking

From night’s dark places

Eyes open to a new day



CLP 06/02/2021

On Friendship (continued)

We have all the time

required to be gentle.

Friendship will endure.


CLP 03/02/2021

On Numbers (x.7)

You are always here

How could it never be so?

Exeunt omnes


CLP 28/11/2020

On Numbers (x.5)

She said, “You should smile”

I nodded grimly, “Thank you”

“Try again” she coaxed.


CLP 24/11/2020

Poem Found in Poems

I’m in love

In a cemetery of secret desires

Soft lips, all for one

Until dawn breaks

Gently, I came to his shore

Coincidences cocked my senses

Breathed love that penetrated me

A rose blooming in a garden of roses

Watered by crocodile tears


n.b. Today, 1st October, 2020 is National Poetry Day in the UK. Thank you to inspirational poets where ever you are today.

CLP 01/10/2020

On Pleasure viii

Smiles unseen but heard

Kisses welcomed and returned

Hands au naturel


CLP 09/09/2020

Sonnet To A Long-distance Love Lost During Covid-19

Quick from Café Grancy to the old dance
Full moon and stars aligned the day we met!
Conversation became sweet, full-flown romance
Nights and days in hotels we shan’t forget
Ravenna, London, Sidmouth, Valetta
We sought each other out in all weather
Whether sun, or snow. Rain? All the better!
We talked, made love, dreamt and woke together
In this wild whirl, how would we imagine
What might weaken our constancy of thought;
That coronavirus would intervene,
When Switzerland loosened; UK still taut?
Slowly, whilst tens of thousands died,
We lost the trust on which our love survived.

n.b. “So what?” I hear you sigh, “get over yourselves!” Fair comment.

CLP 21/08/2020

On the Road XXI

A fork on the way

Seemingly simple choices

Have consequences


n.b. Old style traffic sign in Somerton, Somerset, that marks a parting of the ways. Which, let’s be honest, happens.


CLP 13/08/2020