On the Threshold

About to step out

A new day, another world

Close the door gently


n.b. This advice from a colleague of many years ago, whose name I do not recall, but whose face and kind words I have never forgotten. I pass them on here, admitting that it not always advice I followed when younger. I pray that when my final stepping out comes I am able to close that door gently.


Dedicated to Simon at APG.

CLP 14/01/2020

Honesty Boxed


Interactions distort truth

Write web of fictions


n.b. The Internet: where the truth lies.

CLP 14/02/2020

On Talking

At some future time

All the words we say become

So much exhaled air


CLP 09/01/2020

On Life

Our three school rules

Turn up everyday; work hard

Be nice. Simple as…


n.b. When the then new head teacher first arrived at the school I worked in, he told the incoming Year 7 students the above three things that would make their time at secondary school a positive experience.

The above “rules” I have tried (and keep trying) to apply to my own journey in life.

Mark, thank you for this advice; it makes a lot of sense.

CLP 07/01/2020

Honesty Box

When living a lie

Truth always slips through the cracks

However tight the lock


CLP 31/12/2019

Blank Verse

I am tired

Words fail me

My brain fizzing

A blank screen

Seeking a signal

To no avail


CLP 11/09/2019


Everywhere you’ve been

Everything you’ve done

I have been there with you

I have seen it all

Despite my blind spot

No doubt stemming

From my nervous disposition

That allows me to see

But not believe, nor deny

All that I have seen


It’s not for me to judge

Where you’ve been

What you’ve done

My transparency

Inability to intervene

Makes me silent witness

To the images

Flashing on my retina

Although I react quickly

To the dark and light

A pupil that never learns

I remain insensitive

To everywhere you have been

And all that you’ve done.


n.b. NaPoWriMo 2019 Day 17 prompt: Seeing from an unusual, unexpected point of view.

A useful reference point for this poem was www.moorfields.nhs.uk

CLP 20/04/2019


Words spoken run free

There is no calling them back

No pages to burn


CLP 27/01/2019

On Moonshine


Silver-plate rock floats

Over misty horizon

All deceived by light


CLP  16/11/2018