on Ukraine

long-term investment
everyone wants a pie slice
who's brokering peace?


n.b. I notice that the UK economy is the only large richer nation forecast to be in economic decline in 2023, despite Johnson acting as arms salesman par excellence. The arms industry is doing very well, so the rest of the UK economy must be in a hell of a slump.

CLP 31/01/2023

on truth

now the hole story
liar by his omissions
outline of events


n.b. With this UK government, it’s what they don’t say we have to be careful of; the unknown knowns, so to speak.

CLP 31/01/2023

on time

paramedics wait up
patients in car parks for hours
our chronic decline


n.b. All very well spending £ billions of the public‘s taxed money on an aircraft carrier which broke on sea trials, PPE that was useless and never used, bureaucracy to leave the EU, (our biggest trading partner), but nothing invested in hospitals for those very taxpayers.

Meanwhile, tax dodging (avoidance and evasion) of the highest order persists by those actually in the highest executive positions of power.

Tax the richest harder. No such thing as trickle down economics, as the rich get richer and the gap widens between the excess of haves and the poverty of have nots.

The UK is a shambolic mess. How not to run a country.

Enough is enough.


CLP 28/01/2023

in time

concrete, glass and steel
put up lights, tie off with bow
still steel, glass, concrete


n.b. People raising glasses to Christmas on 2nd December, leaving just eleven months of the year festive free. This is in a country where a minority (46%) now identify themselves as Christian.

I don’t see or hear this much propaganda about any other belief system, other than Free Market ideology, obviously.

CLP 04/12/2022

on wisdom

what is going on?
a straight forward question
"I don't bloody know"


n.b. How soon will it be before people of the UK can ask for political asylum in the EU? It’s chaos here.

CLP 21/10/2022

on time

if this is home
what am I doing about it?
home for good or move


n.b. Home is not the house, but the location.

CLP 15/10/2022

on time

the civil war was when
some people hoped all sorted
no money, no change


n.b. Shifts in society take generations. Chris Kaba’s family in London, UK, also spring to mind.

CLP 22/09/2022

on time

cocooned from us all
a cosseted existence
passes unquestioned


n.b. Time to move on sisters and brothers. Time to move on.

CLP 19/09/2022

on money

after the ball game
guitar case for donations
musicians on tour
after the music
man tells story of hunger
daily occurrence


n.b. Money is a big issue. A replica team baseball shirt on sale for $345 in the Team Store; on the street a guy needs $15 to eat.

The team motif is the cherry blossoms of spring, obvious to the passing motorist. Under the shade of trees, homeless men and women shelter, passing motorists oblivious.

Don’t think I don’t know this isn’t just a USA situation, I come from the UK.

CLP 18/09/2022

on time

woman pulls on rope
each fourth second of this hour
toll echoes through gorge
that night, drunks in street
try out new anthem for size
irreverent laughs


n.b. Since the collapse of the English Revolution in 1660, the wealthiest landowners have firmly stuck together to ensure they get to choose the head of state. There is no likelihood of another civil war, (literally or figuratively), between competing groups of landowners in the UK ever again.

Scottish, Dutch and German aristocrats have been drafted into the post since 1603 when the Welsh Tudor family, (who seized power with the help of French allies in 1485) ran out of offspring.

Therefore, it could be argued that the late queen’s greatest achievement was to have four children, who have had children of their own, thereby ensuring very little will change in how the UK is run and by whom for a few generations yet.

The people of the UK get to vote for the servants of the crown, but the monarchy, (this iteration descended from an obscure Hanoverian protestant family of aristocrats invited to take on the throne in 1714), keeps the jewellery and ensures that the keys to much needed change remain at arm’s length.

n.n.b. The gorge referred to above is the Ironbridge gorge, one day likely to be identified as the original source of human-driven climate disruption.

n.n.n.b. The new anthem contains the unfamiliar line “God save the king.”

p.s. The people of Ukraine continue fighting for their lives. Day 199.

CLP 10/09/2022