On Understanding

What relief there is

to know our confusion’s past.

For that I’m grateful.


n.b. In a complex world, establishing a little bit of peace, love and understanding is always a good thing, however long it takes to get there.


CLP 21/02/2021

On Waking

From night’s dark places

Eyes open to a new day



CLP 06/02/2021

Lockdown 3 (Day 14): Morrison’s

A security tag is supposed to be automatically approved and cancelled when scanned at the till.

If it goes off at the exit, don’t worry. The security guard has gone home already and I know your face anyway.”

Great to know that the art of careless talk survives and no she doesn’t know my face as I always wear a face covering from neck to the bridge of my nose every time I am in the shop.

Coronavirus fatigue is kicking in. The vaccines are being distributed and the people are slackening their guards…and security guards.

Three of the points I raised yesterday are in the national news today:

  1. How much is a life worth?
  2. Who should be vaccinated first?
  3. What are the world’s wealthiest nations doing to ensure humankind all gets a fair share of the vaccines?

Meanwhile the UK had the highest recorded death rate in the world per hundred thousand Covid-19 infections.

Don’t even mention Brexit to me, please.

Alexander Johnson suddenly wants us all to be kind and civil when discussing political matters, so we are not like those ‘ghastly colonials’ (he implies).

Perhaps he might help by actually answering some very straight questions with some relevant answers?

I will stop there.


CLP 18/01/2021

On Losing (15)

Is there a golden strand

That threads it all together

Or is it our wake?


CLP 17/12/2020

On Numbers (x.8)

She understands love

does not include possession

so keeps me in mind


CLP 24/11/2020

January Road Trip (XII)


Glasgow University



n.b. The 4th longest established university in the English speaking world (founded 1451 CE) and one without the college system. Glasgow University has an impressive pedigree and has made as many contributions as any university in the world to our knowledge and understanding of what goes on and what is possible.

The process of inquiry, investigation, observation, measurement and discussion has been greatly enhanced by the work of generations of academics and students at Glasgow University. The university of this city is also renown for contributions to engineering, from which we have all benefitted, not least in utilising the power of electricity.

CLP 24/01/2020