on time

nigh two years have passed
we're increasingly distant
universe expands


CLP 13/07/2022

on time

clock hands coincide
alcohol, fireworks, bagpipes
relentless orbit


n.b. A fleeting moment in the grand scheme of things. Our solar system wheels on through the Universe, no looking back.


CLP 01/01/2022

on space

as I die will I remember
when we were in our teens
walking you home, my bicycle to hand
under a sky so deep
the enormity of creation emphasised
the insignificance of us?


CLP 25/12/2021

on light

we, who came from stars
are sure that we will return
to from whence we came


CLP 10/11/2021

Dream #14

the Moon lies

in some galactic gutter

off his face on space junk

leaving all the lights on

so many colours, constellations confused

by brilliance of the luminous clutter

and you here, warm, safe, sound asleep

to the universal song and dance

of the stars going loopy

given their chance


CLP 09/06/2021

On the Moon

New, she draws out light

enlivens heaven’s starred cloth

that wraps all in dreams



CLP 16/09/2020

On High

Clouds cleared, stars shone bright

Beneath The Plough, just to the right

Tear drop of comet

Smeared on the night


n.b. Absolutely beautiful. It is worth waiting up for comet Neowise. An omen? Whatever. It is wondrous.

Please excuse my rough star map (copyright Really Badly Drawn Star Guides inc).


CLP 20/07/2020

On High

Drape of perfect blue

Dissolved by summer heat

Reveals heaven’s gifts


CLP 19/07/2020


When I look up

After the orange half-moon has crept behind the oaks

I see the un-imaginal number of stars

Come to light

And am overawed

Every time


Every time


Every time


If every star

Carries a wish

A prayer

A question

It just shows

How little we know


CLP 06/12/2019