on education

children of Texas
learn drills to escape shooters
law-makers profit
Mauripol children
learn Russian curriculum
teaching at gunpoint


n.b. In the USA the elephant in the classroom carries a gun because of a constitutional change way back in 1791. Surely it is time for a review of that blood-stained document?


In Ukraine the elephants are cancelling school holidays and forcing children to learn a new history, this time from a Russian perspective. This is according to Petro Andryushchenko, a city official of Mauripol, The Guardian news publisher in London reports.

CLP 27/05/2022

“America is killing itself”

Like Dunblane, the horror
Little children trapped, shot
With their teachers
A single man with all the hatred a heart can muster
You can't buy a beer when you're eighteen in Texas
But you can buy two guns
Walk into an elementary
And murder twenty-one


n.b. For the editorial that spawned the headline above, check out Le Monde, the Parisian daily news publisher. We can only ask, how many more?

CLP 25/05/2022

on Ukraine viii

it's been war for years
constant squeeze, threats, bullying
now you choose to see


CLP 14/02/2022

on Ukraine vii

teachers train children
how to shelter under desks
essential life skills


n.b. Under the constant stress of invasion threat, imagine sending your child to school to be taught how to behave during a bombing run? Not unlike the USA, where children have to be taught how to respond to risk of mass shootings. While mankind learns nothing and continues to ‘profit’ from arms manufacture.

CLP 25/01/2022

on Ukraine iv / v / vi

oh! sorry, you didn't
mean 'aggressively' you meant
pardon my mis-placed
fears of superpower war
it's about money
the three million
citizens of old Kyiv
put up for auction


n.b. Money talks, not peace talks? ‘Economic sanctions’. Nice. The arms industry clearly could do with a new market place. Afghanistan, Chechnya, Syria, so now Ukraine. There will be a pile on in arms shares. Sickening. Now Putin just has to check whether he can afford to invade before waving his troops in.


CLP 23/01/2022

on Ukraine ii

if Russia invades
we'll respond aggressively
collateral damned


n.b. Someone factors in civilian deaths, which will mean children, mothers, grandparents, lovers, fathers, sons, daughters.


CLP 21/01/2022

Oh! Mothers

it is said childbirth
is the most painful of pains
but not after this


n.b. Sons, brothers, uncles, lovers, husbands, fathers, friends. Young men, rest in peace.

CLP 29/08/2021

Oh, UN!

no security

relief nor reconstruction

neat press release though


n.b. pain old as mountains never ending series.

Oh, Surprise!

in aching mountains

wait gold, copper, lithium

wealth beyond belief


n.b. pain old as mountains never ending series.

n.n.b. Can religious zealotry ever resist mammon? Follow the link to the yellow brick road.


Oh, UAE!

how can you be both

state where free thinkers fear gaol

Ghani’s safe haven


n.b. pain old as mountains never ending series.


CLP 19/08/2021