In the (U)SA (iii)

I see worst of man

Can’t understand why he’s so

Breathe out, remain calm


CLP 01/06/2020

In the (U)SA (ii)

Castle in the sky

Built on muscle, sweat and blood

Foundations of sand


CLP 01/06/2020

A Night Out

The gig was exquisite

Three young men

Piano, double bass, percussion

In sync, in tune

Wonderful musical experience

Held in the aural memory

Until the compere said

“Don’t turn on the telly”

It’s grim out there.


n.b. At The Verdict, The Dave Drake Trio – on the TV the USA vs Iran / Iraq

CLP 03/01/2020

On Line

Nasty man tweets spite

Insecurity writ large

“Sad” misses the point


CLP 28/09/2019