Moon Slip

Wearing little but a smile

She slides off stage early this evening

Generously leaving us

The uncountable cosmic array

With all the stars of the distant past

And contemporary bright young things

But this hurried exit is not what it seems

The night threatens crystal clear cold

And she doesn’t like bitter

So she pursues Mercury and Venus

Who promise to show her a good time

Whilst we wrap up in the deep blue

Observing the space she has deserted


CLP 29/11/2019

Count Down

CE604D14-4D38-4CB1-8675-F677DB6564D3.jpegTime and all the miles

Stretched apart

Scent, touch, silences and gentle breath

Do not translate well

to text


Let’s do the sums

Twenty two days times twenty four

Just five hundred and twenty eight

hours times sixty

thirty one thousand six hundred and eighty minutes

one point nine eight million seconds and falling




To put it another way

twenty two divided by seven

three point one four two eight five seven one four and more, more, more weeks


Loving you is as easy as pi.


CLP  09/05/2018