Dream #6

so silent this blue turns black

nothing moves on Earth

a meteor streak

a faint schwoosh far off

sprinkled stardust

dissolves into tapestry of night


CLP 31/05/2021

On Water xxiii

absence of presence

bottle; long-term substitute

happiness of toes


CLP 01/05/2021

Oh Sleep

Come, take me away

to foreign lands where it’s warm

and please return me safe at dawn


n.b. Just to be abroad for a bit would be lovely.


CLP 04/03/2021

L3 (Day 48): In The Sun

I turned east-by-south-east toward the morning Sun and let its light pour onto my face.

With my essential shopping done and due to return indoors, I chose to stand, eyes closed, just for that moment to savour the un-closeted warmth. It was a good moment after all that has come before.


CLP 23/02/2021

On The Beach

I sat on the stones

In warm air

Spray on my face

Sea air in my lungs

Warmth of Sun on my back

I sat on the stones

Nothing more than this


CLP 10/07/2020