on time

stretching across paths
shadows mark summer's decline
extra bed covers


n.b. It’s definitely cooler in the evening, but still praying for rain.

CLP 28/08/2022

on time

things happen unseen
turn your back for five minutes
and what do you know!


n.b. Summer? Already?

CLP 20/05/2022

on light

is this Italy?
pine trees, clear sky, sickle moon?
yucca's frost needles


n.b. Come, take me away from here! To Italy for spring showers, steaming pavements and warmth of the morning sun.


CLP 04/02/2022

on November

electric blanket
hot water bottle topped up
winter duvet


n.b. What else would one need as the temperature falls faster than leaves?

CLP 02/11/2021


within the whole a hole
where the light goes in
and warms the soul


CLP 08/09/2021

Dream #6

so silent this blue turns black

nothing moves on Earth

a meteor streak

a faint schwoosh far off

sprinkled stardust

dissolves into tapestry of night


CLP 31/05/2021

On Water xxiii

absence of presence

bottle; long-term substitute

happiness of toes


CLP 01/05/2021

Oh Sleep

Come, take me away

to foreign lands where it’s warm

and please return me safe at dawn


n.b. Just to be abroad for a bit would be lovely.


CLP 04/03/2021

L3 (Day 48): In The Sun

I turned east-by-south-east toward the morning Sun and let its light pour onto my face.

With my essential shopping done and due to return indoors, I chose to stand, eyes closed, just for that moment to savour the un-closeted warmth. It was a good moment after all that has come before.


CLP 23/02/2021

On The Beach

I sat on the stones

In warm air

Spray on my face

Sea air in my lungs

Warmth of Sun on my back

I sat on the stones

Nothing more than this


CLP 10/07/2020